Reclaim Valuable Land and Water Resources


PIPE-R™ Reservoir System is a subsurface retention/detention system that takes the place of conventional above ground systems. PIPE-R™ is constructed of 4-inch corrugated HDPE pipes. The pipes are banded together to form cubes (modules) that are placed adjacent to one another to provide storage volume and structural integrity. The system offers designers a solution for challenging project conditions such as limited available space, budget constraints, and seasonal high groundwater table. ECS engineers will provide an initial system layout in AutoCAD to meet the site-specific requirements provided by a design engineer. To get additional information about our system, design, and installation, contact us here.



Developers – Increase project ROI and maximize your land resources by putting your stormwater control under anything non-structural like:

  • Parking lots
  • Play Grounds
  • Ball Fields
  • Dog Parks
  • Restaurant Drive-throughs
  • Landscaped areas
  • Tennis Courts


PIPE-R Benefits

  • FREE engineering design assistance
  • Smaller footprint than competitive systems due to 96% void space
  • No Stone required for structural integrity
  • Made with 100% recycled plastic
  • Cistern application provide a non-potable water resource
  • Third-party verified to meet AASHTO H-20 and HS-20 loading standards Testing Results. Click here for the testing summary. Click here for the full testing report.
  • Quick installation means lower costs for contractors.
  • Use ICPR® and HydroCAD® stormwater modeling software for PIPE-R™. Click here for instructions to use HydroCAD® to model PIPE-R™.
  • PIPE-R™ representative will be onsite during construction to answer questions.
  • Get additional nitrogen and phosphorus reductions with robust pre-filter options.



Engineering Downloads

  • PIPE-R Design Guide

  • PIPE-R Product Specifications

  • PIPE-R Installation Guide

  • PIPE-R Operation & Maintenance Guide

  • PIPE-R System Information Guide

  • PIPE-R BPU Specifications

  • Typical PIPE-R Cube Specifications

  • Typical PIPE-R Notes

  • Typical PIPE-R Sections Layout

  • Typical PIPE-R Materials

  • Typical PIPE-R Inlet Outlet

  • Typical PIPE-R Manifold Section

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