advanced onsite wastewater treatment

Passive Onsite Treatment System (POTS®)

Environmental Conservation Solutions, LLC (ECS) developed a Passive On-site Treatment System (POTS®) that includes Bold & Gold® Filtration Media. The objective of POTS® is to accept the effluent coming from a septic tank and allow the water to complete the nitrification cycle before it is discharged back into the soils. With proper system conditions, the nitrates will convert to nitrogen gas and naturally diffuse back into the atmosphere. ECS engineers work closely with partners to provide design support services for your specific needs.


  • Helps meet State required nutrient reduction standards
  • Flow through POTS® is completely passive
  • Can be mounded, lift-dosed, or subsurface
  • Same expected lifespan as a conventional drainfield
  • Projects have been funded by research grants

For a functional design and description of POTS®, click here.

A POTS® filter can be used with an aerobic treatment unit and other advanced treatment technologies to complete the nitrification cycle in systems that don’t currently meet the regulatory requirements. ECS is working with universities, engineering firms, and regulatory agencies on research projects using the POTS® filter. Please contact us for additional information on research project opportunities.

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