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Enhance Nutrient Reduction

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Bold & Gold® Filtration Media is a biosorption activated media (BAM) patented at The University of Central Florida’s Stormwater Management Academy. The media is composed of natural and recycled products. Bold & Gold® Filtration Media is used in Advanced On-Site Treatment Systems and Wastewater Reclamation Facilities to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, total suspended solids (TSS), and pathogens in wastewater effluent. Bold & Gold® Filtration Media is being used to meet stringent Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).


Removal Efficiencies and Benefits

Removal Efficiencies:

  • Up to 90% Nitrogen
  • Up to 99% Phosphorus
  • Up to 99% TSS
  • Up to 99% Pathogens


  • Composed of inert materials with NO ORGANICS
  • Useful life expectancy up to 30 years
  • Non-toxic to receiving waters
  • Passive Technology- No pumps or recirculation within media

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