Rethink Stormwater Management

Regulators, engineers, and developers are seeking new techniques to replicate predevelopment site conditions due to increased nutrient loads in stormwater runoff and limited land resources for stormwater management. Environmental Conservation Solutions provides innovative stormwater management and water quality treatment solutions using natural and recycled materials. Our innovative products offer developers, municipalities and design engineers solutions to maximize land use and clean our most precious resource – Water.

PIPE-R Reservoir System is an underground water storage system that provides virtually unlimited flexibility of design for different storage capacities and varying site conditions. It offers an easy and economic installation using specially developed bundled pipe units that can be used for stormwater retention, detention, or non-potable reuse. Bold & Gold® Filtration Media is an INORGANIC biosorption activated media (BAM) that reduces total suspended solids (TSS), total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), and pathogen discharge to receiving waterbodies and groundwater. Bold & Gold® was developed and patented by the Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida.