Rethink Wastewater Solutions

Our environment is facing challenges related to wastewater effluent that requires regulators, engineers, and developers to improve existing best management practices that reduce nutrients and pathogens in wastewater discharge. These pollutants degrade our surface water bodies and groundwater resulting in economic and environmental impacts to communities across the country. Bold and Gold® Filtration Media, used in conjunction with conventional wastewater treatment systems, reduces total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), total suspended solids (TSS), and pathogens.

Environmental Conservation Solutions offers a patented passive Advanced On-Site Wastewater System that does not rely on pumps for hydraulics or recirculation to remove pollutants. Furthermore, our technologies can be used to improve the removal efficiencies of performance-based treatment systems, aerobic treatment units, and innovative technologies in on-site wastewater treatment. Bold & Gold® Filtration Media can replace existing technologies used in Wastewater Reclamation Facilities and/or be added at the discharge point to reduce nutrients and pathogens. We are actively involved in research projects using Bold & Gold® Filtration Media in wastewater applications such as drainfields, sand filters, and rapid infiltration basins to protect our most precious natural resource – Water.

Wastewater Reclamation Facilities

Bold & Gold® Filtration Media can replace filter media currently used in BMPs within the facility or at the disposal site to polish the effluent. The Wiley M. Nash Reclamation Facility in DeLand, FL uses Bold & Gold® CTS Filtration Media at the disposal site to further reduce nutrients before discharging into native soils.

ECS is actively seeking pilot projects using Bold & Gold® Filtration Media in the wastewater treatment process. Please contact us to discuss opportunities.